Types of Fleece

Every year new varieties are introduced in the market due to increasing demand. Fleece fabric has become the top choice of people in the UK during winters. Its light weight makes it comfortable to wear and also easy to carry. Fabric shop has various varieties of fleece clothes available with them. Let’s discuss some of the fleece fabric available with us:


Microfleece is the slenderest and most lightweight kind of fabric. These are the first mid-layers that are worn over base layers and under downpour coats and waterproof coats. Microfleece gives the least degree of protection yet the most elevated breathability, so they’re great for dynamic pursuits in climate that isn’t excessively cold.For the most part, any fleecefabric up to 200gsm is considered a microfleece. They consider the best adaptability while doing actual exercise, as the form isn’t too thick to even think about limiting development. The extremely light weight is the feature component of this kind of wool, and it’s likewise habitually picked as an external layer when open air conditions are gentle.

Mid-Weight Fleece

Demystifying the Different Types of Fleece Fabrics – All That Glitters | CastleWare Baby

Mid-weight downy covers the center ground of the range. This wool can undoubtedly be worn as an external layer on climbs and trips when the climate is crisp. Mid-weight wool is a lot hotter than lightweight downy and has higher protecting properties, just as being more agreeable and breathable. This sort of fleece will offer less adaptability than microfleece however is adequately thick to be a decent regular external layer in cool conditions and a mid-layer when the temperature plunges and you need to combine it with a base layer and waterproof coat, insofar as you’re not seeking after high-energy exercises. Fleece ranging from 200 to 300gsm is categorized under Mid-weight Fleece.

Heavy Weight Fleece

This is the top bracket of fleece fabric. Any fleece over 300gms is categorized under this category. During extreme cold conditions heavy weight fleece is the only option. In places where physical activities are limited and one has to stay mostly indoors, heavy weight fleece can be the best source of staying warm. It is basically used as a thermal fleece. Fleece fabric is flexible but this category is the least flexible but is also the most insulating and warmest. It overheats rapidly and therefore should be avoided while doing extreme workouts. It can be staggeringly warm and therefore is best suited to wear during snow falls.


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