Tips For Buying Bespoke Ties In 2022

Whilst there is a wide range of options available to buy online and off the rack, purchasing bespoke ties can help you select a product that is perfect for you. The tie is a time-honoured tradition in Britain. An important element of corporate and formal wear, it can also be a casual or stylish inclusion that personalises your wardrobe.

The beauty of a bespoke tie is that, instead of spending hours searching for the ideal shape, size and design to suit your taste, you only need to hunt down one company that makes custom ties. As a result, you can save time and energy and take advantage of their expertise to create an item of clothing that matches your expectations.

Read on for some key considerations when purchasing a personalised tie.

Tie Colours

A black tie is too severe for everyday occasions and is better reserved for sombre or formal affairs. Remember your tie is part of an ensemble when worn. Only one colour in any outfit should be bold, so if your shirts and suits are muted or light, a tie with a striking or darker shade is ideal for contrast. With a bespoke service, you can select any hue you like.

Tie Patterns

From polka dots to paisley, a patterned tie adds dimension to an outfit. Like colour, any pattern picked must work with the rest of your wardrobe. Selecting a patterned tie to wear with a subtle shirt and suit will make a statement, but if every item of clothing you wear has a decorative look, the overall impression can be overwhelming.

A bespoke service will allow you to add any pattern to a tie that you choose, or a specific motif or symbol that is unique to you. Graphic designers at custom tie companies can help create a perfect product from a drawing or photograph that you supply.

How to Buy a Tie | A Comprehensive Guide To Buying The Perfect Necktie

Tie Size

Among the best aspects of buying a bespoke tie is getting the perfect fit for you. A tie’s width should roughly equal the width of a jacket’s lapels but always consider your own build. A wide tie can make your physical frame seem slighter while a thin tie can have the opposite effect and make you look wider.

Ties and Pocket Squares

Many people are unsure if the bespoke tie they pick should be worn with a matching pocket square in their suit. While this might seem like a quick route to a coordinated outfit, in terms of style this move should never be made for those who wish to look well-dressed. Pocket squares should complement your tie by contrasting or harmonising with it. An easy approach is to buy a bespoke tie in one of the key colours featured in your pocket square. This will connect the two wardrobe accessories in a more subtle and sophisticated fashion.

Tie Materials

Finally, while textured and matte ties are associated with casual wear, in 2022, a shiny or smooth solution is still best for a formal occasion. Satin and silk are materials used in bespoke ties for special events while wool, linen and cotton can keep your look casual.

To stay in fashion this year, in line with climate awareness many forward-thinking individuals are adorning their neck with bespoke ties made from recycled materials. Eco-friendly manufacturers are creating synthetic yarns from plastic bottles using solar-powered mills to protect the planet. Going green is perhaps the best way to ensure your bespoke tie keeps current with the modern world


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