Feel Great and Full of Confidence with Pantsandsocks.Com

PantsandSocks.com, the online men’s branded underwear retailer, is urging men to “Pull-on the right pants, every time”, believing body confidence starts with your pants and socks, the unsung heroes of your wardrobe.

Clothes play a big part in how we feel, how we speak to people, and how we position ourselves in different environments. The ‘Dopamine Dressing’ theory suggests that wearing certain clothes helps improve your mood and makes you feel assured. But it all starts with your underwear.

Pick the right pants and socks for the day ahead and you will feel on top form. It’s thinking about the job in hand, whether you are going to an interview, board meeting, a party, or the gym.

Wear pants that don’t do the job, that don’t fit properly, restrict your movement or show under your trousers, and you’ll be distracted and uncomfortable all day. Get it right and you will feel confident, smart, and fresh from the skin outwards.

Pantsandsocks.com offers a range of pants and socks from leading brands that help you feel confident and ready to tackle any situation. With so many different scenarios choosing the right outfit can be a real challenge. To make it easier PantsandSocks.com has made a list to tackle some common scenarios,

Travel – Whether it’s a holiday to the sun, a city break, a long-haul flight, or even a car journey, comfort is the key. Wearing a comfortable pair of pants and socks can help you remain comfortable, relaxed, and calm.


The SAXX Daytripper BB Fly Men’s Boxer Brief is ideal for guys on the move, with Saxx’s unique Ball Park Technology that cups and cradles your balls (like being caressed by an Angel, says Jamie Oliver), these are pants that will keep you comfortable and ensure you feel great all-day.


The Tommy Hilfiger 2 Pack Men’s Sneaker Socks are the perfect ankle socks to wear with trainers on flights, trains and any long . With a cushioned sole in combed cotton with hand-linked toe stitching, they will keep you feeling fresh.

Work – High-quality, well-fitting clothing helps you feel more confident and effective, allowing you to take any problem at work. Wearing formal clothing can change the way you view and approach situations, even allowing you to problem-solve better and spark curiosity.


The Boss 3 Pack Trunks are made in stretch cotton which brings breathability as well as flexibility, these signature trunks are topped with a waistband featuring the BOSS logo. The straight fit and regular rise are perfect to wear with trousers and won’t ride up.


ssssFrench Connection 3 Pack Waterfall Socks  High-quality woven cotton allows your feet to breathe in the hottest of office days or meetings. No more sweaty feet when work gets hot.

Sport – Light and flexible fabrics keep you cool and allow agile movements providing no distractions as you serve a match-winning point.

Puma briefs – Puma specialise in sports gear – high cut brief allows for freedom of movement.


The Gant Retro Sports Shield Sports Socks – inspired by ’90s American sportswear, the well-fitting socks are made of a ribbed cotton blend, with contrast colour hems and an intarsia logo design at the ankle.

Holiday – Style and comfort are key with bold colours and patterns allowing you to embrace the holiday vibe, shake off the formal attire and relax.


Derek Rose Nelson 84 Boxer short – quality and comfort are essential if you are looking for something special to wear on your holidays. For day-long luxury, look no further than the classic fit Nelson 84 boxers. The repeat cherry print on a blue and white striped fabric is certain to be a refreshing addition to your suitcase.

Ralph Lauren White Socks There is no point in buying the latest pair of trainers if you don’t wear an equally fashionable pair of socks.


Date Night – Get some swagger and feel sexy with Pants&Socks’ Date Night Gift Set  – guaranteed to take the pressure off, with Boss Trunks and Calvin Klein Connor Socks, giving a cool, calm, and collected vibe to the evening.

Whatever the occasion, a crisp, fresh pair of pants and socks can help start the day off nicely.

Online retailer pantsandsocks.com is the perfect place to grab your pants and socks. Buy as gifts, one-offs, or on subscription. The subscription model delivers pants and socks on repeat every 1,2,3, 6, or 12 months. Each subscriber gets 20% off each order, the equivalent to every 5th pair of pants being free. Visit Pantsandsocks.com for more information.


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