The Best Ways To Rock The 90s Look

The 90s are back! Sure we may be in 2022, but trends come and go, and sometimes – they even make a comeback! Some of those iconic 90s pieces are now being brought back, and you’re in for a treat! Some of those trends that you thought you’d never see again are resurfacing…

The 90s were a golden era for style, music, TV and movies, and many brands continue to reference this amazing time today. Want to know what to wear to rock the 90s trend? Read our guide to find out more!

Plaid Skirts

A plaid skirt is so reminiscent of the Clueless days. Preppy fashion is still on-trend today, and the uniform of a plaid two-piece can work in the office or for a dinner date. Clueless shaped fashion from the 90s and beyond, and we can say that Clueless was one of the most fashionable movies of all time. We all used to lust over Cher Horowitz’s killer outfits, and it’s the perfect excuse to replicate them now!

Animal Print

Animal print, once deemed a controversial trend, is now a timeless print! In the 90s, everyone wore this wild print, but in the early Noughties, people shied away from it. It was seen as too loud and sometimes even cheap, but now, everyone sees the rock’n’roll energy it can bring to your outfit! We love wearing an animal print slip dress over a long-sleeved t-shirt or a turtle neck jumper for the colder seasons.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans were once seen as cringy, but this 90s trend is back! Elizabeth Hurley was the queen of bootcut back in the day, and wearing your bootcut jeans can be made modern yet timeless by wearing them with a blouse and ankle boots. They are some of the most flattering jeans – so get investing in your denim!

Belly-Baring Tops

Belly-baring tops and cardigans are making their comeback. You can button up your blouse or cardigan with one button to preserve your modesty and show off your stomach. Paired with a mini skirt and knee-highs, this look will look so 90s! Think Gwyneth Paltrow in Great Expectations!


Love it or hate it, logomania is back! Mariah Carey was a huge fan of the trend, notably wearing the Louis Vuitton rucksack with its iconic monogram print. The bigger and bolder the logo, the better. After all, you need people to know which designer you’re wearing!

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are back – whether it’s mesh or tulle, show off a hint of skin in a classy yet fashionable way! Showing off your lingerie is also on trend now, so tick two style boxes with a sheer top or dress! Opt for a sheer top with a lace bralette underneath to be covered but still show off your body.


Velvet is back and screams not just 90s vibes, but retro vibes. The slinky fabric should be bought as a top or even a maxi dress to flatter your body and add a sexy touch to your outfits. If you love velvet as much as we do, then we recommend investing in a velvet suit that will turn heads!


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