Innovation and its Impact on Eyewear

In the 21st century, to stay relevant in the markets, every product-based company needs to be innovative. Without innovation, your business model is fragile and can’t sustain itself in the highly competitive markets.

Even the highly competitive eyewear space has seen some really outstanding innovations that have not only helped customers with their eyesight problems but also gone a long way in making eyewear a highly acclaimed fashion accessory.

Here, we have compiled a list of some of the innovative developments that the eyewear sector has witnessed.

Online Glasses

Eyewear retailers have made a very smooth transition from the physical stores to a mixture of both offline and online mediums for their sales activity. Today, online glasses are a reality that many would never have imagined.

Online space is not just an alternate medium to buy your glasses. It is also a preferred medium for many – thanks to the convenience that it brings to the table.

The plethora of options available at budget-friendly prices have given online shopping a much needed push. This is further enhanced by a range of attractive services offered.

To see for yourself, it’s recommended that you head online and browse through the various sites. You actually might end up with a purchase.


Varifocals lenses are the scientific advancement of the bifocals. These lenses are a blessing for those who are facing the problems of both nearsightedness and farsightedness – mainly observed in the population above 40 years of age.

Varifocals are a classic 2-in-1 piece. Whether for the purpose of reading or a clear view of distant objects, varifocals are to your rescue. Varifocals are a testimony to the life-changing potential that Science holds, in a positive way.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Our dependence on digital screens is peaking and only going to see an upward rise in the coming days. This makes it a necessity for us to take care of our digital wellbeing.

Among the many preventive measures, one that is a result of innovation in the eyewear sector is the blue light blocking glasses. These glasses protect our eyes from the possible conditions of eye strains and lethargy that the excessive exposure of blue light may cause. It does so by blocking the blue light rays of the visible spectrum of light, to a significant extent.

Next time you face a digital screen, don’t forget to put on your blue light blocking glasses. It is a step that you can take in ensuring better eye health.

Polarised Lenses

Also referred to as anti-glare lenses, the function of these is to protect your eyes from conditions of glare which are quite commonly faced while driving or playing sports.

Glare is encountered when light reflected off the surface strikes your eyes. Polarised lenses are designed in such a way so that only the non-reflected light rays pass through whereas the reflected rays are blocked. A scientific genius! Isn’t it?

Same Day Glasses

There is an eyewear startup in the UK, which goes by the name Specscart, that has revolutionised glasses ordered online through its free 24 hour dispatch service. The innovation – with regards to the logistics – that must have gone into making this a reality is commendable.

Same day glasses are those which are delivered at your doorsteps within 24 hour of you placing the order. It is really super fast.


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