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Before the advent of digital screens, Sun was the only major source of blue light. But, sunlight is deemed more important for day to day life and nutrition with its powerful Vitamin D sources. The increasing usages of digital screens like laptop or desktop computers or TV and the new form of LED lights emit sufficiently powerful blue light that can do detrimental damage to the eyes and can also bring headaches, anxiety and sleeplessness.

People working in the IT industry have to work in front of computers for a long time and many have raised complaints of headaches, eye dryness and insomnia.

There is nothing to worry about as this guide blog will certainly help you to find the right force against blue light emission. SmartBuyGlasses, a popular eyewear brand, has come up with a unique coating solution (zFORT™) on the lenses that have the ability to counteract blue light emission and you can get cool, dashing, and budget-friendly frames from £6. But before buying a pair of blue light blocking glasses you must read the guide to understand the threat from blue lights.

What is Blue Light?

Human eyes can only see the visible light that is represented in the form of VIBGYOR. All 7 colors vary in nature as they have different energy levels due to different wavelengths. For example, Violet, Indigo and Blue light in the visible spectrum has the highest energy levels owed to shorter wavelengths. While the rest have longer a wavelength and emit less energy.

Out of the 7 colours, digital devices like laptop, TV and LED lights emit continuous radiation of blue light that is both visible to our eyes and can prematurely damage your eyes..

What are the effects of Blue Light?

Blue light emission is still under severe research in scientific laboratories and they have the potential to reduce melatonin secretion in your body, which can kill your sleep. Melatonin is the sleep-inducing hormone that remains vulnerable to blue lights.

Other effects of blue light include eye dryness, anxiety and depression. Many computer users and IT professionals have complained of frequent headaches that may lead to more anxiety..

Remedy against Blue Light with zFORT™ 

Industry experts, especially leading global eyewear giant, SmartBuy Glasses has come with a unique coating solution on their eyeglasses. Customers who are buying them also offered satisfactory recommendations and they seem to work perfectly against the ill-reputed blue light emission coming out from digital screens and LED lights.

The unique coating is zFORT™-powered blue light blocking glasses that has become the latest sensation and craze among the buyers as it possesses the ability to significantly block short-wavelength lights.

Buying zFORT™-powered blue light blocking glasses are super easy with SmartBuy Glasses. If you don’t have any prescription, you can still buy them online by choosing Plano lenses, which is basically a non-prescription eyeglass and anybody can use it while working in front of a computer or laptop or mobile screens..

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in the Latest zFORT

Scientists and Experts belonging to the eyeglass industry have severely blamed digital screens that emit blue light and as they elaborate it specifically, customers are increasingly falling in love with their blue light glasses. While many eyeglass enthusiasts and first-time buyers are also crazily flocking to buy blue light glasses, digital screens and devices are getting the blame for their inherent ability to affect your eyes.

The essential feature with zFORT™ technology comes preserved with the lenses. Most poor-quality and substandard products have flooded the market at an eventually high price yet don’t provide any remedy against blue light but SmartBuyGlasses and their brands have a significant and satisfactory level of technology used to give you relief against blue lights and their effects.

  • It offers a quality and comfortable shield against all types of digital screens.
  • It also offers feasible shielding against LED lights and so.
  • It acts as a deterrent against digital eye strain that is the leading cause of headaches and anxiety.
  • They come with a 24-months warranty and a 100-day return policy.
  • Helps with better sleep as melatonin secretion becomes optimum with zFORT™-powered blue light blocking glasses.

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