The Ownership of Fox News: A Closer Look


Fox News stands as a prominent player in the media world, known for its conservative-leaning stance and substantial viewership. However, behind the headlines and broadcasts lies a complex web of ownership and influence that shapes its identity and content.

History of Fox News

Since its inception in the mid-1990s, Fox News has evolved from a challenger in the news market to a dominant force. Started by Rupert Murdoch, an Australian-American entrepreneur with a knack for media ventures, the network quickly gained attention for its bold approach to news reporting.

Overview of Media Ownership

Understanding who controls media outlets is crucial. Ownership can significantly impact editorial policies, influencing everything from story selection to tone and perspective. This influence becomes particularly pronounced in networks like Fox News, known for its distinctive editorial voice.

Rupert Murdoch: The Founder

Rupert Murdoch’s journey into media dominance began long before His early ventures in Australia and later expansions into the UK and the US laid the groundwork for what would become a global media empire. Fox News was Murdoch’s bold entry into American television news, shaking up the industry with its unique blend of news and commentary.

21st Century Fox and News Corporation

The corporate structure behind Fox News is intricate, revolving around entities like 21st Century Fox and News Corporation. These companies, under Murdoch’s leadership, not only controlled Fox News but also a vast array of other media properties worldwide.

Murdoch Family Involvement

With Murdoch’s succession planning, control of Fox News and its parent companies passed to his family, ensuring a continuation of his vision and influence. The Murdoch family’s involvement in media has been a subject of scrutiny and debate, influencing both corporate decisions and editorial directions.

Sale to The Walt Disney Company

In a seismic shift for media ownership, Fox News and its associated assets were acquired by The Walt Disney Company. This acquisition reshaped the media landscape, altering the ownership dynamics and raising questions about the network’s future direction.

Current Ownership Structure

Today, Fox News operates under the umbrella of Fox Corporation, a separate entity from Disney but still with ties to Murdoch family interests. The corporate governance of Fox Corporation underscores the continued influence of Murdoch’s vision on the network’s operations.

Impact on Editorial Policies

Ownership changes often lead to shifts in editorial policies and news coverage. At Fox News, changes in ownership have been scrutinized for their potential impact on the network’s famously conservative-leaning editorial stance.

Public Perception and Criticism

Criticism of Fox News has often centered around perceived biases in its reporting. Understanding the network’s ownership helps contextualize these criticisms, as ownership influences can shape not only what stories are covered but also how they are presented.

Competition and Market Position

In a competitive news environment, Fox News faces challenges from both traditional and digital media sources. Understanding its market position and audience demographics provides insights into its influence and reach.

Future Prospects and Challenges

Looking ahead, Fox News confronts evolving challenges in an increasingly digital and politically polarized media landscape. Navigating these challenges while maintaining its core audience and editorial integrity will be critical for its future success.


Ownership matters in media, especially for networks like Fox News with significant societal and political influence. By understanding the ownership structure and its implications, we gain deeper insights into how media shapes public discourse and perceptions.


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