The Best Sunies Shoes And Sandals for 2022


Interest might have brought you here to get familiar with our organization, settle in and partake in these 10 things you didn’t be aware of us:

  1. Sunies is a female-established multicultural startup situated in Vienna, Austria
  2. Our administrative center is in the region of Grinzing, encompassed by grape plantations, and our branch office is situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  3. We unequivocally put stock in female power and our group is 90% made of ladies from various social foundations (Austria, Mexico and Brazil), which makes us a solid and relentless multicultural group
  4. Sunies shoes are made of 77% regular strands (coconut, sugar stick and bamboo) 23% reused PVC which makes them eco-accommodating and reasonable

We produce our shoes morally in lovely Brazil

  1. It required two years of innovative work to get the material similarly as we needed it: delicate, lavender-scented, waterproof, harmless to the ecosystem, and recyclable
  2. Sunies Sandals are accessible in 3 distinct plans and 16 tones
  3. Our Sandals are ensured veggie lover by PETA
  4. At the point when your Sunies have accomplished their life expectancy, you can send them to us and you will get an extraordinary rebate for your next buy, the return costs is on us.
  5. Your old Sunies will be reused into another pair of Sunies
  6. We are so invigorated on the grounds that our new assortment is fit to be dispatched in Spring-Summer 2021, just as our child’s assortment and new items!
  7. 5 Spring 2022 Shoe Trends | Top New Shoes for Spring 2022 | Marie Claire (US)

We want to believe that you have partaken in a portion of the elements that makes us as an organization and remain tuned on the grounds that we can hardly wait to impart to you our new assortments and items!

With affection,

the Sunies group.


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