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Find Wholesale Women’s Swimsuit Suppliers

Discussion: Swimsuits are one of the most popular items, every year, and it does also mean that the market for swimsuits is going to stay in business for many years. If you are unable to find a good wholesaler for swimwear around you, then you do not have to worry at all because we have listed down several women wholesale swimsuit suppliers especially for you, and you can even purchase from their online stores as well.

1. Nihaostyles

Nihaostylesbis one of the most popular wholesalers of swimsuits based in China. The company has spent about eight years getting their hands-on designing, producing the swimsuits, and then finally selling these women swimwears as well, and these can be transported around the world as well. They have all kinds of one-piece swimsuits as well. Nihaostyles has one of the largest range of products to choose from (1500 different styles of swimsuits). The trendy swimwear available at the Nihaostyles is all available at roughly around $15, and you may enjoy discounts if you are a regular customer.

2. Sammy Dress

Sammy dress is one of the most widely known online wholesale businesses that have a wide range of different swimsuits to choose from for its customers. At SammyDress, the producers focus on fashion, because they believe to produce only those swimsuits that are always the most trendy ones. It is also known as one of those swimwear businesses that produce the most up-to-date swimsuits, which are always the most fashionable. If you are an already established business, and you have clients that need to be catered to a high-end, then Sammy dress is the most amazing option for you to choose from. If you need swimsuits on a very urgent basis, then it is known that they provide the swimsuits within 5-12 days maximum.

3. DHgate

DHgate is yet another famous online wholesale business that is specially set up to provide customers with the most up-to-date fashion, and trendy swimsuits to choose from. They believe in providing good quality swimwear to their customers so that they become loyal to them, and purchase more frequently from them. They are also one of the most popular consumer product market places which provides the widest range of swimwear to choose from. DHgate also allows their swimwear to be directly sourced from their wide range of producers so that they can sell them at a discount as well. If you are looking out for products to be urgently delivered, then you can get them shipped from DHgate within 24 hours only. They are believed to provide the most cost-effective and all-in-one solutions to your already established business as well.

4. Chinabrands

Chinabrands, as the name suggests is a Chinese-operated online retailer company that is known to provide a wide range of swimsuits to choose from, and also provides a wide range of discounts to the customers if they make bulk purchases with them as well. This is the only online wholesaler business that has taken one of the biggest risks in this wholesale swimwear business in that it has established a minimum order quantity for the customers. Chinabrands is also one of those online retailers that provide its products at wholesale costs and keep a very minimum margin. It will provide your business with the most intriguing stuff, or the highest quality of products as well.

5. Global Sources

One of the most famous online merchandise in this wholesale swimwear industry is the Global Sources business because many of the swimwear customers lookout to purchase the highest quality of swimsuits from their websites. Also, you would be really surprised to know that they offer a wide range of products to their customers to choose from. This means that they do not only provide simple cover-ups, swim accessories, or swimwear, but they have varieties beyond this to offer to their customers. There are a large number of suppliers who work with them to supply their products.

6. Girlmerry

Girlmerry is one of the most famous suppliers of swimsuits for women who are based in the city of Guangdong, China. They not only offer their customers swimsuits, but they also provide them with a large range of accessories and cover-ups to choose from. They are also one of the earliest established businesses in this industry, and they also provide different styles of swimwear, as well as yoga wear to choose from. There are about 4000 different styles of yoga wear that can be looked out for.

7. AliExpress

AliExpress is a leading Chinese-run internet-based website, and it has a wide range of different businesses who are selling their products online at the website at very affordable prices. Within these items, there are also a large number of different businesses who are also selling a wide range of different swimwear to choose from, because they usually offer a price which is very less compared to other businesses because of the economies of scale. It is one of the most reputable sites in China and is owned by Alibaba group.

8. Unijoyswimwear

Enjoy is an early established business in 2008, as a professional business who was an expert in the fashionable and most trendy swimwear to choose from. They provide their customers with one-piece tankinis, bikinis, and they are also available in all shapes and sizes, for any gender that wants to grab their hands on these beautiful pieces. Unlike many other businesses which have been mentioned above, Unijoy has placed a minimum order limit of 1000 pieces for each person to purchase. Enjoy also offers its customers the services of OEM and ODM. It also allows its users to modify their range of products as well.

9. CN Bikinis

CN Bikinis is a Chinese-owned business that aims very highly to bring a large variety of products to the doorsteps of their customers within a very short period. It promises to bring you any set of bikinis that you may choose and add to your cart on their website, and they will bring it to your house in less than a day. This website was exclusively developed for the production of the best available swimsuits, and so as the customer who wants to get a large variety of items under one roof, then you can easily visit their website, and add any product to the cart which you may like.

Conclusion: If you were finding trouble getting the best wholesale supplier for yourself, then you can choose from the above-mentioned list of wholesalers so that you do not find any trouble in the future. Bookmark this article as well.

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